Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is Retweet Evangelism?

I got on Twitter about 6 months ago. Twitter is an amazing tool for passing on information. Several times a day, I would read quotes from many different thinkers and think "Wow, that's good." Then, shortly after, I found that I felt this huge urge to try to be as profound as my favorite tweeps. (Since when was Christianity ever about me anyway? But I digress...). I felt I had to come up with stuff that was as philosophical as @rickwarren , @maxlucado , or @donmilleris . But what I realized is that Twitter is as much about re-tweeting as it is about being profound. Many of the Twitter accounts with huge blocks of followers have this huge following not because they are so enlightened, but because they are following people who are that way and are willing to pass that information along (RT).
This is not a lot different from sharing the gospel, is it? Take something good that's been passed on to you, and pass it along to someone else, right? I grew up in a tradition where evangelism was a big deal (and it should be). But we were always learning new "gimmicks" for sharing the gospel. I remember a T-shirt I had once that said, "Ask me. I have the Answer." "The Answer" was a gospel tract that unfolded in the shape of a cross and told people how they could put their faith in Christ. In theory, someone was supposed to read the shirt, ask me about it, and I was supposed to show them the tract and five minutes later angels would be rejoicing in heaven. I don't know if it ever worked. As I remember, every time I wore the shirt, I never had the tract with me-typical 7th grader! While these approaches aren't necessarily wrong, I have to wonder have we as a church made evangelism more difficult than it is? When Christ instructed the disciples (us) in the Great Commission, he didn't say "Come up with some new ways to communicate all of this stuff I've shared with you. Be original and profound and make people scratch their heads after you talk to them." He said, "Go make disciples, and teach them to obey everything I've commanded you." (my loose paraphrase) To be very modern, I think he might have said, "Just follow me and re-tweet." I like to call this concept "Re-tweet Evangelism."
Sharing Christ with others doesn't have to be as complicated as we make it. We've heard the words of the Master. All we have to do is re-tweet (in the real world) what's been passed on to us (and live our lives like we believe it). If you want people to follow you in life; if you want them to come to you for answers, don't feel the pressure to be original or different. Just give people Jesus. Not someone else's version of Jesus. But Jesus. Simply re-tweet.

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Gordon said...

You've nailed it brother. No masks. No copycats. Be the original God made you to be and let His light shine. Just give them Jesus, in the real world and online. (Sorry for the rhyme. Just came out. Good posts do that.)

Hey, you might be interested in a new online community started by my friends Tami Heim and Toni Birdsong. They're all about helping others live out their faith online. (http://www.stickyJesus.com)

BTW, I will be retweeting your post.

Jason Huffman said...

Gordon, thank you for your comments. I'm surprised you (Adam) found this post...it's about 6 months old. Anyway, I'll check out stickyjesus.com Thanks for the retweet!